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We like to give you a little insight on what this book has to tell.
Below you can find a quick look on the chapters this book has to offer.

Table Of Contents

We like to share with you some details about The Black Book. Without spoiling to much, here are some nice things that you can expect.

Chapter 1

The Rebels & Rustlers set sail to find a new land. Everbody who buys a silver coin will be part of the crew. When all NFT’s (2500 pcs) are sold, we will send everbody a real silver coin. We want to reward everybody who holds a coin. This means that you will profit with each NFT that we drop!

Chapter 2

Land ahead! The Rebels & Rustlers have found a new place where they can live. To celebrate this milestone we are releasing a new NFT (500 pcs). Everybody who holds this NFT will get a spicy physical gift. Everybody who holds a golden coin has also a chance to win some prices!

Chapter 3 – chapter …

Life on a island can be hard sometimes. But it can also be rewarding if you find some nice things. With every chapter, we will release an NFT and we will give some things to our community!

Chapter 1

Silver Coin NFT (2500 pieces)

25% sold:

Some funds will be used to help develop the Discord server and to upgrade our website.

50% sold:

We will airdrop some special artwork to random coin holders & some funds will be used to help develop the next NFT

75% sold:

Special merch will be send to random coin holders

100% sold:

2500 silver coins will be created and send out to all our holders!