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Welcome to the story
of the black book

This is the story of the black book.
A book that contains different chapters (different NFT’s),
all with a different story (different utility).

What is the black book?

With the black book, we want to create different NFT’s
who all have a different meaning and utility.
With this NFT’s, we want to form a special and close community and write our own story.
We already have written a small part of this book,
but we are looking for a community who wants to help develop it further.

Everbody is welcome to join the black book,
whether you are a full crypto and/or NFT veteran,
or just a beginner in this fast developing system.

We want to give everbody a chance to join us, now or in the future.
That’s why we will be selling different NFT’s at different times.

And so it begins

Chapter 1

This is the story of The Black Book.


A long, long time ago, there was a group of people that wanted to escape their normal life. They could not fit in society, so they thought of a way of starting something new. These different people, with different backgrounds, had one common goal, to create something unique.

They called themselves “Rebels & Rustlers”.

They thought of several ways to start something, until one of them had an idea.

He proposed to make some big ships, big enough for every Rebel & Rustler to come along.

After it was finished they could set sail to find an abandoned island, where they could start their new life. Everybody was excited about the idea.

They all came together to work on the ship, and after some months they finished it.

The Rebels & Rustlers decided to name the ship “Devil’s Horizon”, and they were ready to set sail to the unknown.

Get on board

This is your chance to be part of the Rebels & Rustlers.

We want to give some people the chance to sail along, that’s why we created our first NFT. Click on the link below to buy one of the 2500 silver coins, and become a Rebel & Rustler.

Everbody who holds a silver coin will benefit from it. You have a chance to win special prizes, you will get free entrance to some exclusives events, and whenever a new NFT drop, you have a chance to win the same utility as that NFT.

Land ahead

Chapter 2

Coming soon